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Monday, April 26, 2010

Celestial Love

Celestial Love
Higher far,
Upward, into the pure realm,
Over sun or star,
Over the flickering Daemon film,
Thou must mount for love,
Into vision which all form
In one only form dissolves;
In a region where the wheel,
On which all beings ride,
Visibly revolves;
Where the starred eternal worm
Girds the world with bound and term;
Where unlike things are like,
When good and ill,
And joy and moan,
Melt into one.
Love's hearts are faithful, but not fond,
Bound for the just, but not beyond;
Not glad, as the low-loving herd,
Of self in others still preferred,
But they have heartily designed
The benefit of broad mankind.
And they serve men austerely,
After their own genius, clearly,
Without a false humility;
For this is love's nobility,
Not to scatter bread and gold,
Goods and raiment bought and sold,
But to hold fast his simple sense,
And speak the speech of innocence,
And with hand, and body, and blood,
To make his bosom-counsel good:
For he that feeds men, serveth few,
He serves all, who dares be true.

By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Moment of Passion


A Moment of Passion

A moment of passion so easily shared,
with no fear or regret.
The memories flood through my mind,
a moment of passion I'll never forget.

A moment of passion is like a drug,
it takes me so high.
Needing to get another fix,
a moment of passion can never lie

A moment of passion when we are alone,
you desire it too.
Unable to control it,
a moment of passion shared with you.

Sweet Words for Lovers

Good morning, my dear. On this rising day, I wish to you the best of things that can happen to someone. As for me, it already did -- you, in my life! What else could I desire for myself? Only to keep my desire for you! I love you dearly...

I've tried to measure how much I love you... impossible task. It is so much that the conclusion is clear: my love for you knows no bounds and it is infinite!

Our moments together are those more colorful, more livid. When we're apart, seems that part of me is gone and, on those moments, I feel an complete despair, counting the minutes until the moment to find myself with you again. Never leave alone, love of my life!

Last night was wonderful... I still can feel the taste of your kiss, the contact of your skin against mine, the good chill that I have with it... as much as I could dream in the past, I never known how much happiness one can have with someone to love... it is great to be able to love you.


Sometimes, it happens at a glance, a hug, a kiss, a smile, a word of affection and even through the silence of the road. So spontaneous that I dare not define it.
That's all I feel.

The essence of life?
We need to do, not just dream, not just think, not just want. We must feel love happen. This is the essence of life!

We do not die when we stop breathing ... we die much before - when we stop dreaming ... and stop loving.

Where love blooms, the sentimental bond never breaks, never fades. It changes. And renews itself. And ennobles the human life. Where love blooms, the soul is not lost.

by Oriza Martins

Why do I love you? ...

Why try to explain
What is inexplicable?
How to talk about an
adorable, mysterious love?
I love you because I need you,
A love without boundaries,
And I hope that
You need me too ...
I love you because I love you,
That's it ... it is so simple! If I love you simply
Because I love to do,
And if I love to love you,
If I want you very much,
What would I wish from heaven?
To last all eternity!

I love you because I love you,
A love without boundaries,
I love you because I love you,

That's it ... it is so simple!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Tear For Love

A Tear For Love
She looks down from yon window
To the street below as the world passes her by
Trapped in the prison that is her heart
Hoping for the love of another

The people on the street below
Fail to see her pain in the emptiness of her heart
Or the loneliness that is her burden

He passes and she holds her breath hoping
Praying that he will come to her
Taking her away from the pain that is her life

For the day is long and the nights are even longer
For the one love that she waits for in eternal hope
Praying for the love of her hearts desire

The knock at the door and she runs
Hoping and praying that its is he who knocks
But alas it is not and she falls into the loneliness once again
But then a while later there is another knock at the door
It is him, the lover that she dreams of
He say "I'm here to take you
Away from your pain", she says "Take me i'm yours"
Then and only then she sheds a tear, A tear for love

Cooled by the touch

Precious angel
Who walks with earthly feet
Be unto all my Love
Be safe, be free
By the seed of our passion
May we come undone
As we rest in the presence
Of each others arms
Be still my beating heart
within your natural splendour
Warmed by the candle
Cooled by the touch
With all that I am
And all I can be
You are the land
And I am the sea


I gaze at your pictures
As I go to sleep,
I can hear your voice
It sounds oh so sweet

I then close my eyes
And sleep the night through,
The dreams that I have
Are of me and you.

I awake in the morning
I know this is real,
This dream that Im in
It feels so surreal.

I whisper your name
And say I love you,
I tell you my dreams
Their of me and you.

You look in my eyes
And hold me so tight,
The fears that we have
Will soon have respite.

I cannot contain
My feelings for you,
My heart is set free
It belongs only to you.

Author: William Scott

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quote Thinking of you

Hello darling, I'm thinking of you a lot !
I hope you will be there for me.
I'm missing you,
I'd like to be by your side.
I need you! I do love you!!

Kisses to you...

Like a dream
We were standing together face to face

Like a dream
You were holding me close and my heart began to race

Like a dream
Our eyes met and the world seemed to disappear

Like a dream
We began to dance to music only we could hear

Like a dream
You brushed my cheek and trace my lips tenderly

Like a dream
Our lips met and we kissed passionately

Like a dream
I was with you and I didn't have a care

Like a dream
We shared something only you and I could share.

Like A Rose
Author: Sam Fedarb

My love for you is like a red, red rose,
It started as a seed but it’s grown and grown.
Its roots reach deep down inside of my chest,
And it grows even more with each passing breath.
The delicate petals lay beautiful and pure,
All the doubts that I’ve had you have since cured.
For all the thorns that this proud rose bears,
They are all softened by the thought of your care.
Soon the rose grows old and withers and dies,
But the love that helped grow it will last for all time.

Straight from the heart

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